Womb Wisdom: Awakening Your Sacred Feminine Power

womb wisdom

Awaken your womb wisdom and sacred feminine power! Learn which Goddesses can help you heal your womb and sacral chakra are essential to clearing karmic, energetic and physical and emotional blocks.

Syma shares how you can heal sexual trauma, body image issues, and a lack of self-love with the Goddesses Isis, Aphrodite (Venus) and Ixchel, and how your womb wisdom is also connected to the Triple Goddess and moon cycles.

You will also learn how to activate your womb wisdom and unleash your divine feminine power and Goddess gifts of pleasure, passion, sensuality, fertility and manifest love, abundance, and all your desires with ease and joy. She shares three additional Goddesses – Lakshmi, Yemanya and Hathor – to embrace your womb and women’s wisdom.

Share this video with your soul sisters and leave a comment on which Goddess you feel called to work with to heal and awaken your magical womb power!

Delve deeper with our online Goddess Hathor: Womb Wisdom and Healing Circle:

Goddess Hathor course.
If you are ready to create the life you desire, join our next online circle (live or replay), “Goddess Hathor: Healing Sexual Wounds & Embracing the Gifts of Your Womb”.

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To receive my one-on-one sacred feminine and spiritual support, you may book a live Skype Goddess Coaching Session and inquire about my private program, “Heal and Transform Your Greatest Inner Blocks” if you feel called to embrace deep transformation.

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