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Terms & Conditions

“I” refers to the user and/or client in this agreement.


By booking and participating in services, support and products offered by Syma Kharal and/or Flourishing Goddess, I understand that while the resources (including but not limited to videos, articles, MP3s, social media posts etc.), products (including but not limited to ebooks, videos, courses, meditation MP3s) and services (including but not limited to: sacred feminine and spiritual life coaching, guided meditations, distant Reiki treatments, meditation instruction, yoga instruction, events, retreats, workshops, customized and pre-designed coaching programs and all other offerings) are intended to support positive changes for participants, none of the resources, products or services guarantee any specific results, outcomes or cures.

Syma Kharal and Flourishing Goddess and all its representatives makes no warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding my personal experience, outcomes or success.

I agree to consult my doctor and/or a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological aliment I may have and take full responsibility for my health, safety, and all outcomes. I understand that Syma Kharal does not diagnose mental, emotional, physical or spiritual/energetic conditions, nor perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

I hereby release Flourishing Goddess, Syma Kharal and its staff and practitioners of any effects and outcomes resulting from services received or suggestions followed. I proceed with the support and services I receive under these terms with my free will and complete consent.


I understand, acknowledge and agree that personal information exchanged between Syma and her team and myself via the pre-session questionnaire and client sessions are held in strict, mutual confidentiality. I also understand and consent that communication exchanges pertaining to payments and transactions may be shared with third parties (such as banks, credit card companies, PayPal, Stripe, etc.) to provide supporting documentation in the event of any payment related issues.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

I understand, acknowledge and agree that all support, information, materials, forms, tools, products, content, teachings and coaching I receive from Syma Kharal and Flourishing Goddess are solely for my personal use, and are not to be distributed, shared, replicated, re-purposed, copied, re-worded, imitated, or used in any other way. Any disclosure to a third party of any portion of said contents for any purpose beyond sole personal use is strictly prohibited and constitutes infringement.

Fees, Payment, Booking, Cancellation and Refund Policy:

I understand, acknowledge and agree to provide accurate payment information for purchases made with Flourishing Goddess and that unless otherwise stated, services rendered and products sold in any format (physical and digital) are non-refundable.

I understand and agree that if a Satisfaction Guarantee or refund policy is in place for a specific offering, I agree to abide by its specific terms and conditions as stated in each course/offer.

I also understand and agree that refunds under any circumstances are subject to a 5% processing fee.


I understand that cancelling my enrollment in a course or membership will terminate my access to all content, offers and groups available only to enrolled students/members.

I understand and agree that if I receive access to a month’s content before my scheduled billing date for that month, that I will be charged retroactively for that month even if I cancel. I understand and agree that it is solely my responsibility to cancel my membership before the content release date to avoid being charged for that month. I understand and agree that if I fail to pay for a circle that I access, that I will lose the BONUS lifetime access privilege for any circles I previously paid for.

I also understand that if I wish to rejoin, I will pay the fee set at the current time, not my original enrollment date.

I understand, acknowledge and agree that with both single and program sessions:

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, full payment is required to confirm booking and enrollment.

All service and product fees are in US dollars.

If I enter an installment payment plan for a program, I will honor and make all payments in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.

Appointment cancellations made before 48 hours will receive a full refund minus 5% processing fees or will be rescheduled one time at no additional cost.

Appointment cancellations made between 24 to 48 hours will receive a 50% refund plus 5% processing fee, or will be rescheduled one time at a 50% fee.

Appointment and changes made within 24 hours, including lateness of over 15 minutes or “no shows” will be charged the full session fee.

Services rendered and products sold in any format (physical and digital) are non-refundable.

Session Delivery and Technical Issues:

I understand, acknowledge and agree to provide both my Skype and phone contact details, and that sessions will be held on the best, most reliable mode of communication that I am comfortable with, be it Skype video, call or phone. In the case of internet connection issues during a Skype call, I consent to continue and complete my session via phone, and Syma will call me at no additional cost to me.

Email Support:

I understand, acknowledge and agree that as all emails to Syma Kharal and Flourishing Goddess are handled by Syma’s assistants, I will only use emails for administrative or informational purposes (such as appointments, payments, information requests).

I will not email personal questions, updates, inquiries or information intended for Syma, as I understand direct support and responses from Syma are provided only in live, booked sessions and not via email.

Coach Role & Responsibility:

I understand, acknowledge and agree that Syma Kharal’s main role and responsibility is to provide her professional expertise, knowledge, insights, tools, coaching and guidance to the best of her ability in a sincere, supportive and professional manner, with the client’s highest good at heart; to competently and adequately deliver services under agreed-upon terms; to communicate expectations and responsibilities clearly, and to honor the coach-client relationship. Beyond this, Syma is not in any way responsible for the actual results, outcomes or effects experienced or not experienced as a result of services rendered by her or guidance followed by me.

Client Role & Responsibility:

I understand, acknowledge and agree that I am 100% responsible for my progress, success, and results from all and any services and support received from Syma Kharal. I understand that because of the nature of the services, the results experienced by each individual may significantly vary. I acknowledge that as with any financial investment, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that I will reach my goals and intentions as a result of participation in any support or services I receive from Syma Kharal and Flourishing Goddess. I commit to doing my best to be successful in my work with Syma and on my own, to trusting and following my own judgment in any and all choices I make and actions I take.

In addition, I commit to honoring my time, work and journey with Syma Kharal by:

  • Opening to the highest, most transformational possibility the work ahead holds for me.
  • Being ready, willing and able to take inspired action in alignment with my goals and intentions.
  • Being open, honest and clear in all my communications so that I can receive Syma’s best support.
  • Showing up on time for sessions and providing as much notice as possible for changes.
  • Adhering to the session time-frame and staying focused on the session/program agenda to receive the intended support.
  • Requesting to book a separate session if I wish to receive support unrelated to or beyond the scope of the booked session/program agenda.
  • Preparing for each session by doing my best to follow the guidelines and complete the agreed-upon exercises, practices, and “homework” I may receive.
  • Ensuring I will have complete privacy and be uninterrupted for the entire duration of my session with Syma. I further understand and accept that Syma will have the right to cancel the session at her sole discretion and at full cost to me if she is unable to continue due to distractions on my side.
  • Expecting Syma’s support and time only in live-sessions and not in between via email, Skype, or any other form of communication.
  • Using all that is shared and provided by Syma for personal purposes only, and safeguarding all content by not sharing with others for professional, volunteer, commercial or marketing purposes.
  • Going forth with an open heart and mind, surrendering to the process, opening to miraculous breakthroughs, transformation and manifestations, celebrating my success, and expecting the best!

I understand, acknowledge, accept and agree to all the terms, conditions and commitments stated above, and participate in all services and support from Syma Kharal and Flourishing Goddess in compliance with these terms.

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