Awaken Your Psychic Gifts: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizance

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You are intuitive. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all connected to the same inner source of infinite wisdom. And while some of us may be born with heightened psychic ability, all of us have the ability to open our spiritual communication channels – and in doing so, completely transform and uplift our lives. But first…

What is Intuition?

As one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Colette Baron-Reid says, “Intuition is not your sixth sense, it’s your first.” Intuition is the language of Spirit. It is how the Divine, our higher selves, angels, goddesses, ascended masters and all spiritual guides communicate to and through us. It is always our first instinct, knowing, impression and feeling before our minds and egos interrupt us with logic or fear. Unlike the voice of the ego which can be very jumbled, loud, dis-empowering and rational, the nature of intuition is clear, subtle, empowering and creative.

Our intuition is like an inner “GPS” system that guides us at every twist and turn as we navigate the road of our lives. Beyond that, it provides us with a step-by-step road-map to help us reach our greatest destiny. While as humans we may prefer the safest and most logical route, our spirit will push us into the uncharted territory of unimagined expansion, inspiration, adventure, abundance, service and purpose.

It takes clarity, commitment and courage to notice, trust and follow our intuition, but if we do, we empower and elevate every part of our lives to its most joyous and magical level. This doesn’t mean our journeys will be free of detours and roadblocks. But, if we stay connected to our inner wisdom, we will be able embrace these experiences as enriching opportunities rather than resist them as unwanted obstacles.

Above all, we begin to stop playing small, take back our power, and align ourselves with our spirit’s most beautiful, blissful and bountiful will for our lives.

As I teach in my intensive, “Awaken and Reclaim Your Intuitive Gifts” certificate training program, to better understand how we can activate this inner guidance system and harness its fullest power, it’s important to first note the various ways in which we experience intuition.

The Four Intuitive Abilities

While our spirit’s wisdom is always available to us, we actually have four main ways to access it. Most of us have one or two channels that are more dominant, and we can develop the others with practice.

Clairsentience: Connected to the heart chakra, clairsentience is when we have a “clear-feeling” about people or situations. It invites us to take a joyful leap of faith where our reason would prefer a guaranteed outcome. Or, it may turn us away from something that appears fine “on paper” but just doesn’t feel right.

Clairaudience: Connected to our ear chakras, clairaudience is experienced as hearing our wisdom as a clear and loving inner voice that guides our intentions and actions. With time, we can even develop the ability to discern between the guidance of our own higher selves and angels, spiritual guides, saints, and the Divine.

Clairvoyance: Connected to our third eye chakras, clairvoyance is what we commonly refer to as being “psychic.” Meaning “clear-seeing,” it can manifest physically as seeing auras, or mentally as visions playing out in our “mind’s eye.” It also helps us rise above our ego projections and see things from a higher, more spiritual perspective.

Claircognizance: Connected to the crown chakra, we experience claircognizance as clear-knowing. We may have an inner knowing about something even without all the facts, and just know what we need to do or not do. It’s like getting a direct “download” of information from the Divine that gives us the exact guidance we need. I personally share many powerful practices to develop each gift in my program, but below are some great ways to get started.

How to Awaken Intuition on all Levels

Acknowledging our divine nature, spiritual traditions have provided many powerful practices to help us reconnect with our eternal, soulful selves while we drop in for a temporal, earthly existence.

Here are just four ways to develop all four of your intuitive gifts:

1. Meditate

It is said that “Prayer is when you ask, and meditation is when you receive.” Oftentimes when we feel our prayers are not being answered, the answer was actually given to us right away through our inner guidance–but we need to create the inner space to receive it. While there are many different ways to meditate, a simple awareness on your breath as you sit comfortably will do wonders in accessing your intuition.

2. Practice Yoga

Literally meaning “union,” as a total mind-body-spirit practice, yoga by its very nature connects us with our spiritual selves. In terms of specific poses for intuition, forward folds and inversions are wonderful for awakening clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance, while heart-opening back bends will increase clarisentience.

3. Chant Mantras

Mantras are sacred sounds that work on a deep, unconscious and energetic level. There are mantras for every intention and ailment. They can be practiced before, during or after meditation or on their own.

Two powerful mantras for increasing intuition are:

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo from the Kundalini yoga tradition, which means, “I bow to or invoke the teacher within.” This mantra can be chanted three times before meditation or anytime you need to connect with your inner “guru”.

Om Mani Padme Hum from Tibetan Buddhism, which is said to contain and unlock the entire wisdom teachings of the Buddha. While the mantra is “untranslatable,” one interpretation is: “The jewel of consciousness has reached the heart’s lotus.” It’s beautiful to practice this mantra over a mala of 108 beads and can be quite transformational if taken on as a 40 or 90 day sadhana (daily spiritual practice).

4. Get Grounded

While attaining enlightenment may the ultimate spiritual aim, it’s important to remember that there is a reason we are here in human form. Our bodies are temples and vessels of our spirits, and we must anchor our celestial experiences on a physical level to stay present and powerful.

A simple way to get grounded is by feeling our feet, and ideally, walking barefoot on grass daily. If conditions don’t permit that, having and touching plants in the home is a beautiful way to keep rooted on earth as we receive our heavenly guidance.

As we commit to such practices on a regular basis, our intuitive abilities will begin to unfold naturally, like the quietly resilient petals of a lotus flower. And no matter what muddy waters we face as we reach for the light, following our inner wisdom will ensure we’ll rise above and flourish into our most radiant selves on earth, as we already exist in heaven.


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