Celebrate Summer Solstice like a Sun Goddess


Summer Solstice is one of the most powerful, beautiful and sacred days of the year. Known as Litha in the Pagan tradition, this holy day celebrates our primary source of light: the sun. The pregnant mother goddess is in her full radiant glow, as the sun god is at the peak of his virility.

Gaia is at her glorious fullness, blessing us with decadent fruits, flowers, vegetation and nourishment, as the animals dance about in delight. The sun warms her belly and her heart, bringing her all the love and support she needs to flourish.

As we acknowledge and honor the blessings we find in nature at the dawn of summer, it is also a time to look at the parts of our lives that are at their peak. Where are we supported? Where do we shine? Where are we flourishing?

And if we feel stuck in lack or despair in any way we can invite the divine radiance of the sun—representing the infinite light of God-Goddess—to heal, transmute and uplift anything we need.

Here are some simple and sacred practices to celebrate the summer solstice to harness the blessings of this magical day:

1. Spend Time In The Sun!

This is one is obvious, but when we live in cities and spend our days indoors, it’s essential to plan to get out on the solstice. Whether you work at on office or take care of the kids at home, there are many ways to get out. Eat your lunch outdoors. Take the kids to the park. Walk on the grass barefoot. Smell the flowers. Notice the bees and birds. Hear Gaia’s song and sing along!

Most of all, feel the warmth of the sun nurture your body, mind, heart and soul. Oh, and wear sunscreen if you need to!

2. Practice Sun Salutations

The ancient yogis saw the sun as an outer reflection of our own inner divine light—the eternal spark of wisdom and love that illuminates our paths. Through a series of asanas (yoga poses), called the Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), we honor and invoke the blessings of both the physical sun in the heavens, and our own inner heavenly light.

This is why the summer solstice is an ideal day to practice sun salutations. If you don’t know the series, there are many wonderful free videos on YouTube. If possible, take your practice outdoors, or do it inside facing the sun.

3. Have A Sunset Picnic

What better way to celebrate the bounty and beauty of summer than a picnic? Gather summer fruits and make fresh, light finger food and salads filled with local, seasonal veggies and herbs. If you drink, get a light and joyous summer inspired wine. Enjoy your feast on your own, with a loved one, friends or a circleof like-minded souls.

Say an opening prayer, thanking the Divine for the bounty you are about to enjoy, and for all the blessings in your life. Close with another gratitude prayer, and ask for the season to be joyful, fruitful and bright.

4. Create A Sun Goddess Alter

Invite a blessed new season by creating sacred space for it in your home. Find a clean and bright spot that gets natural sunlight. Place fresh sunflowers, marigolds, yellow roses and summer herbs in vases or pots. Place any pictures or statues you may have that represent the Goddess or the divine to you.

Start and end your day by visiting this temple space, in reverence of the sun within and without. Light some yellow candles, and further invite fiery light with the next practice.

5. Get Fired Up!

Fire is the element of transformation, creativity and transmutation. The sun also nurtures, illuminates and gives life. If you’re lucky enough to be able to safely light an outdoor bonfire, then the solstice is the day to do it. I highly recommend writing a list of everything you want to release and surrendering the paper into the fire, for healing and purification.

Indoor urban goddesses can also do this by (very safely) burning the paper in a large pot, and then washing the pot.

After this release, perform a sage smudging on yourself and your space.

End by lighting incense at your alter, and seal in the ritual with a closing prayer, like the one below.

6. Honor The Sun And Fire Goddesses

While the sun is traditionally associated with the masculine, and the moon with the feminine, there are in fact beautiful and powerful sun and fire goddesses whose blessings we can invoke at the solstice.

Remember, what these deities ultimately reflect are our own divine qualities, so this is really about about harnessing these sacred aspects within yourself-your own God-Goddess nature.
Dear Amaterasu, help me shine my light and beauty fully in the world, in radiant blessing to all.

Dear Uzume, let me laugh and revel with all my heart, and make joy my way of being and my gift to the world.

Dear Hathor, help me balance giving and receiving and enjoy harmony and balance in all ways.

Dear Sekhmet, empower me to live in my strength, power and light, inspiring others to do the same.

Dear Hestia, bring warmth, joy, love, bounty and light into my home and hearth.

Dear Brigit, light my creative spark and help me share my gifts with courage and confidence.

Dear Pele, let the raw, primal passion within me erupt forth in my life, clearing the way for lush and vibrant new life.

Goddesses of the sun and sacred fire, I invite all your support, wisdom and blessings into every part of my life, that all may be healed, transmuted and uplifted by divine light and love. So be it. So it is.

I hope this serves you beloved, and offer this prayer used in the Kundalini yoga tradition to you with all my heart:

May the long time sun shine upon you.
All love surround you.
And the pure light within you,
Guide your way on.
Guide your way on.

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