Client Love

Transformation Stories from our Clients & Tribe

"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

Although I did not realize it at the time, this is the question I pondered, when through divine intervention I was introduced to Beautiful-Angel-Goddess Syma!

I was at a cross-road, contemplating leaving behind a successful career which I loved.  This all-consuming career was filled with much joy, achievements, opportunities, wonderful people and a very high-level of stress.  Over time, this stress made me feel like I was falling to pieces.  With my cracks visibly showing, I searched for an alternative way to navigate through it, and so I began the long journey into self.

After much reflection and prayers, I looked for non-traditional ways to mend.  Through an incredible coincidence I found Syma, a Beautiful-Angel-Goddess who is filled with so much love, warmth, compassion, and generosity; she picked me up and put me back together again (literally!).  She introduced me to a number of different healing modalities including Reiki, Meditation, and Yoga.  After I healed physically and emotionally, I finally gained the courage and strength to leave this career behind, feeling grateful for all its gifts.

Before I did that though, Syma and I spent many hours developing a plan through her in-depth coaching program, to prepare me for the next chapter of my life.  She is an incredibly gifted coach, and one of the best coaches with whom I have had the privilege to work.  With great thoughtfulness, she asked me searching questions, to help me rediscover myself, and taught me more modalities to help me along my spiritual path.

We journeyed along this 2 year-coaching plan, with much laughter, tears (mine), and intellectually stimulating conversations.  Beautiful Syma is a source of inspiration, and guided me through a number of spiritual practices, shared insightful advice, recommended great books from which to learn, kept me on course and helped me to be well-prepared for my next chapter.  I am ready now!!!

I will always be filled with infinite gratitude, love and awe for Beautiful-Angel-Goddess Syma, for teaching me how to live more authentically and consciously; I feel full of light, love, grace and balance!

Blessings to you always!

Francesca D., Toronto, Canada

Last year, I was very unsettled in my life, so I booked my first spiritual healing session with Syma on my birthday. It was such an amazing experience and I deeply connected with Syma.

I then learned about her “90-Day Manifest Soulmate Love Program” (now the Goddess Path to Love). At the time, I did not have the money to pay for the program upfront, but the universe has its own way of working its magic: I received my tax refund which turned out to be the exact amount for the program! So I invested myself into taking this journey.

It was a wonderful experience as it was a commitment of transformation, healing and love for myself. The work was intense, but it was personalized to my needs.

Through the work, I understood what true soulmate love meant. I understood what loving myself meant, and I found my soulmate love, which is me!

I now have a loving man who loves me unconditionally, and I am truly blessed by this kind and loving universe with the help of my mentor my spiritual guide Syma.

Words cannot justify my experience - all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the love and blessings and guidance that I got from my mentor, Syma, and to all the spiritual guides and this kind and loving universe.

I feel completely loved, blessed, and thanks to Syma, I now have the tools to help me on my journey to becoming a healer myself.

If you are feeling guided to work with Syma, trust yourself, trust your intuition, and say yes to investing in your own transformation with her.

Sapna N., California, U.S.A.

I will be eternally grateful to Syma for following her true calling of becoming a Sacred Feminine Coach and Spiritual Healer as to be available to me and others who need compassionate guidance to heal and become our own masters. A year ago, I could never have imagined the amazing life I am living with all the gifts I have received and the joy I feel each day from where I started.

Her Manifest Soulmate Love program was the most profound and at times, heart wrenching experiences of my life.  Certainly this program is designed to be transformative and it is, indeed, however, I never dreamed how transformative it truly is. 

Although that can be a scary concept, if you are willing to face your fears so that you can live the life you desire and know you deserve, Syma's programs can do this for you.

I could not have skipped this profound step in my spiritual development to get to the other side without Syma's incredibly balanced and loving guidance.  If you are ready to be that amazing and free butterfly then Syma's programs are the answer to help you manifest your dreams into reality. 

I will be forever grateful to Syma for her own courage, love and support....Namaste, my beloved hero.

Sarah Belle., Virginia, U.S.A.

I came to Syma when all of my attempts had failed battling intense internal turmoil and just being 'stuck' and in the dumps for over 7 years, fighting everyday to survive! I was just at the end of it all, failing one after the other in all areas of my life. And I thought my only solution to getting out of this misery was somehow attracting someone who would truly love me - my soulmate - because I didn't love myself.That was my one and only reason for coming to Syma.

I had worked with many coaches (life and love coaches) with diverse training in different methodologies / spirituality but I was still at square one. I was hesitant in working with Syma because I believed that in my desperation I was wasting away money again and doing energy work and having our sessions on Skype would not really give me the profound results I was looking for but after my first session with Syma on Skype, I was sold!

I have never worked with a coach who truly believes in you before you begin to believe in yourself. Syma not only showed me love that I have never felt before from a coach, but she was so compassionate, gentle in her approach but powerful in her words, listened to what i had to say, spent extra time with me on our calls, checked in with me often, very flexible with her availability, and her love radiates through to you that it is impossible not to be transformed by it. And most importantly her work is healing, loving, sincere, transformational, and real.

Many coaches are after the money, but Syma views her real paycheck being when her clients are flourishing, thriving and falling in love with themselves and their life. Syma works with where you are in each session not what she may think you need. Working with syma has been one of the best things i had done for myself, and i thank the universe for leading me to her everyday. And her services are affordable.

My life has been forever changed, and I would have never imagined to be where I am today. I am thriving, rejoicing and loving my life. My life, attitude, self-worth, quiet frankly all areas of my life are completely different than what it was a mere three months ago when we started together. I have already said it to Syma and will continue to say it - "Syma is my coach for life". I wish I had taken the chance with her long long time ago and thankful that I finally did!

Kulvinder B., Toronto, Canada

Wow, Syma, it has been a beautiful journey since I started working with you. I had no idea that life could be this blissful. For years I was told that there was something wrong with me, that I was too sensitive, I had too many feelings and emotions, I think I had a personality disorder at one time. Basically, if I fit into some "generalized diagnostic mental illness label" then that's what I had and that was my excuse. My doctors and psychiatrists graciously handed out high dosages of medications, while certain groups and family members brainwashed me to the point that I was mentally and emotionally numb, not to mention extremely confused and frustrated.

Feeling anything other than "happy" I would immediately take a pill, because feeling anything else was wrong or inappropriate at least that's what I believed. I was so lost and desperate I was driving myself crazy, to the point where I ended up in a mental institution. Searching for something but not knowing what it was that I was looking for I became hopeless all I wanted was some peace. Well, I found what I was looking for.

After a transformative spiritual coaching and past-life healing session with Syma, I eagerly signed up for her private 6-session program, "Awakening & Reclaiming Your Spiritual Gifts," which changed my life completely. Syma and her amazing program taught me that I was empathic, gifted and loved. Discovering my abilities has caused my confidence to skyrocket, I am no longer afraid of life or afraid of the unknown or what others think of me. I have a new found passion for discovery. This program showed me that I can do and have everything that I want. I trust myself and my gifts.

Since finishing the program with Syma I now have Eternal Loveliness. A continuous sense of peace and connection to everything, nature, people, animals and my highest spirit. Waking up everyday with a feeling of excitement and bliss is a something that you cannot place a monetary value on. To date I am no longer on any medications, I have a sense of freedom and hopefulness. I follow my heart and trust my inner guidance. This was the absolute best thing that I have ever done for myself and I am so grateful to Syma for making this program available.

Syma is an absolute gift to the world. She is genuine, compassionate, full of knowledge and she radiates love. She will help you transform your life, with her continuous support and encouragement. If you want to experience magic first hand, its definitely worth while connecting with Syma and learning from one of the best.


Much Love and Gratitude.

Stephanie Robins, Calgary, Canada

Just a few months ago, I had experienced the most tragic event of my life which actually became a life changing experience for me. The tragedy had left me in a lot of pain and suffering. I was unhappy, grief stricken, & depressed with completely no direction in life. I had lost trust and was shattered from inside. Apart from my personal life I was also very unhappy at work. I felt stuck and confined in the workplace. I wanted to just quit and run away from it all.

One day, I came across reading a quote which said “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” For days I reflected on this quote and it resonated with me. At that time, I didn’t know what I needed to do but I knew I had to do something. I started searching for that “something”. A friend of mine had told me about past life regression and I just felt like I needed to get this done. The more I looked into it, the more curious I became and one evening, I was browsing through youtube videos and landed on finding soulmate love video by Syma. I was immediately captivated by this video so I decided to contact her and asked if she did a past life regression. She did and I had a wonderful session with Syma that day.

I felt so much lighter after the session that it was as if my body and soul have been wanting this for a very long time. It was truly an amazing experience for me. It was from this moment on, I started my journey of self discovery and self healing and what a blessing to have Syma be the guide!! I truly feel blessed and my heart is filled with joy of all the support I have received from Syma. She’s a beautiful soul and her sessions are extremely valuable to me. I used to count days till our next session.

There was an instant connection between Syma and I which blossomed into a beautiful sisterhood bond. I enrolled myself in the “90-Day Manifest Soulmate Love Transformation Program” and through this program, I realized what self love was all about. I became connected with myself and in alignment with my true self. My life has changed completely ever since then. I am a happier, confident, & a positive person full of love. I have landed an awesome job and work with amazing people and live in a beautiful home. I'm living a life full of beauty and love. I’m completely at peace with myself and I LOVE THIS feeling. It’s precious and priceless. Wonderful things happen to me daily and I am left in awe for all the love I receive from people.

I realized I had completely changed when I felt compassion for those who have wronged me in my life and wanted to pray for them. I actually never thought I would ever be able to practice forgiveness but I did and I did it with a compassionate understanding from all the support from Syma.

I still can’t believe sometimes that I’m living this life. This has been the most wonderful start of a new year for me and it’s just getting better and better and it has only been 4 months. I feel like I’m a brand new person and my friends and family have noticed this change in me as well. They share their thoughts of how they felt this tragic incident would leave me to live a life of despair for lifetime and how amazed and happy they are to to see me with so much life, love, positivity & confidence, and are actually quite surprised of this change in such short amount of time considering how I was just a few months back. I've never been like this ever before.

Syma is an amazing person with so much wealth of knowledge and compassion for the people that she works with that it’s truly a blessing to have her as your guide. After completing the "Manifest Soulmate Love" program, I felt very happy with the results but sad for not being able to look forward to my bi-weekly sessions with her. I knew my journey didn't end here. It just started and I have so much more to grow spiritually. It was just about the right time that I then enrolled in “Awaken & Reclaim Your Spiritual Gifts Transformation Program” with Syma.

Thank you so very much dearest Syma for all your support in my transformation. You have helped me in so many ways in becoming the person i am today:) My heart is filled with joy and I wish you loads of happiness and love forever.

Love you loads Syma , you are a beautiful soul!

Alisha Z, Boston, U.S.A.

My dear Syma: I wanted to send you a little note and express my thanks and gratitude for all of what you have contributed to my life uplifting me spiritually in a way I never imagined would be possible. I want to reaffirm to you how wonderful and transformational it has been to connecting with you in my life.

My intention was to write this “thank you” note from a cozy place from my favorite vacation place in Italy, which I got to make a reality thanks to all the extra baggage I was able to shed with your loving and powerful spiritual teachings throughout the last few months. I thought, what better place to write to you about the powerful and incredible transformational change that your spiritual guidance and emotional kindness and loving support has had on me since I started my sessions with you than from my ABSOLUTE and my lifetime DREAMED vacation place--Italy.

Thank you for always comforting me in the most loving and kindest ways, my wonderful Syma. I am so fortunate to have had you guiding me in this difficult spiritual journey. You really are one in a million and a super special being for your kindness and compassionate nature!

I can happily say that after all my healing sessions and your loving guidance and presence in my life, nowadays I’m a more complete, grateful, forgiven, accepting, and a loving woman. I will be eternally grateful to you and your spiritual gift for helping me spread my “wings” to a very positive, self-loving and complete new me.

Thank you so very much again and I ALWAYS wish to have your amazing and loving presence in my life.

With love and gratitude,

Elena Reyes, Maryland, U.S.A.

Before investing in my transformation through Syma's coaching programs, I was trying to make sense of all that happened in my life in the past 10 years and why things changed. I felt that I did something wrong to mess the good things up. I had no direction, or felt very disconnected with my soul, heart and deep connection with mother nature and God.

Through our intensive work,, I gained back a part of myself that I had lost. I am now back on the right track. I know what is the right path for me and am no longer allowing the people around me change my views and influence how I feel about myself. Because of this, I have experienced significant, positive shifts in my work, finances and personal life.

While Syma will provide you with all the support, guidance and tools, you must be ready to truly want to make the changes you seek.

Shazia M, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

I have been working with Syma for over three years now, during which my life has continuously transformed. Syma has helped me overcome anxiety and release blocks, and manifest my dream job and my dream man! I completed Syma's “90-Day Manifest Soulmate Love Program” (now the Goddess Path to Love) and am marrying my soulmate this spring!

Syma also helped me heal my grief when I suddenly lost my mom last year.

Even though I have only met her on skype, I feel like I know Syma in person. She is someone I can share everything with, knowing I won't be judged and would be guided in the most empowering and effective way. Since my association with Syma is for so long, at this point I look up to her more as an elder sister than my coach.

Aarati Devi, California, U.S.A.

Since working with Syma my life has been forever changed. I was going through a tough time in my life when I first showed up at her door. I had just broken up with my long term emotionally abusive boyfriend. I also had some health issues as well that I was trying to deal with. My sister had mentioned that one of her friends was benefiting from Reiki so I decided to do a Google search and came across the Flourishing Lotus website.

At my first Goddess session with her, I wasn't very spiritual at the time, I didn't really know anything about such sessions and I had no idea what to expect. I really can't put into words what her sessions have meant to me. She has opened my eyes to a world that I never knew existed.

Since meeting her I am no longer angry at my ex. I have somehow been able to forgive him. My health issues have improved greatly. I have started my own spiritual journey. I also just got my Reiki level 2 through her. I honestly don't know where I would be today if I hadn't met her. She's been someone who is extremely supportive, gives amazing guidance and she's always been there if I needed someone to talk to. I always leave her sessions feeling so uplifted.

At the end of the day Syma really truly cares about her clients. She's been such a positive influence in my life and there is really no way I could ever thank her for everything she's done for me. I tell everyone I meet to just try one session. Just be open to it and you will be amazed at the results that will follow. Your life too will be forever changed.

Katie Dantos, Markham, Canada

Syma has touched my life likely more than she even knows. I have worked with her since 2013 and even taken Reiki level I and II trainings with her.

I sought her help as I was struggling with work issues, specifically related to honoring my power (solar plexus issues) and allowing my spiritual side to shine. Later, I sought Syma's help to heal some old father issues that had resurfaced.

Not only did I see an improvement in my day to day life and happiness, I also felt that Syma had given me so many tools at my disposal to use when an issue arises. I immediately felt the knots in my stomach release and knew how to recognize if they were returning and how to take action.

I so often call upon the tools she has given me, and use her support via videos or just seeing a lovely Instagram post. An interaction with Syma is truly a gift of light!

Alanna, Toronto, Canada

Syma is amongst one of the most beautiful gorgeous powerful women I had the good fortune to work with. I had an incredible healing at a very critical point in my life and Syma was able to help clear some very heavy energy. She is so loving and gentle, but don't let these amazing assets of hers underestimate just how powerful she is as a healer!

She is an incredible channel for divine healing energy and it is with such gratitude for such a lovely healing, she will always have a place in my heart. So yes, as one may tell, I would highly recommend working with her. What you waiting for?

Sarah Matthews, London, U.K.

Syma is a beautiful and brilliant healer. I had the opportunity to experience a Past life regression with her, and my session was entirely powerful, accurate, and transforming. Her nature is gentle but powerful; she truly embodies the essence of a humble goddess. Her sessions are infused with such a powerful love and care that simply being in Syma's presence (even online!) creates a sense of comfort and safety to fully and divinely acknowledge and celebrate the fullest self. Syma has my highest respects and I highly recommend working with her.

Britney Stables, Calgary, Canada

Prior to working with Syma, I felt like I had a dark cloud hanging over me. I couldn't separate issues that gave me anxiety and I had issues with depression. I had initially discovered her on YouTube when trying to find a deep relaxation meditation.

After watching multiple videos, I knew I needed to book an appointment with her. Syma helped me separate my issues and tackle them with positive and loving methods. I was able to figure out how hard I was being on myself and that I wasn't loving myself. I was inviting people into my life who reflected my self worth (which I was lacking).

With her support I was able to remove the darkness that had engulfed me and for the first time in a long time, I was able to see the light. Syma helped heal my heart and allowed me to see all of my potential. I have been living light heartedly and surrounding myself with people who positively serve me. I can't thank Syma enough.

Syma CARES. She is genuine and truly wants to support you to become the best version of yourself. Syma came into my life for a reason, and she will help heal you just as she has done me.

Kate Nitshe, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

I have tried working with a few healers before , but i needed something deeper. I stumbled upon Syma when I browsed YouTube for attracting a soulmate meditation and her voice was something that caught my attention. Her diverse background also prompted me to contact her. Her guided meditations on Skype were very beneficial for me and she accepts everything you have to tell her openly and non judgementally.

She has very powerful healing energy and I enjoy working with her. After each of my sessions I noticed the positive changes in my life almost immediately. I was always open to what she suggested I do and trusted her guidance. She is totally in tune during the session and I got insight into my deepest root level subconscious problems or blockages. I also felt them releasing during the meditations. At surface things like anxiety, fear, or low self esteem have deeper reasons which we are not even aware of.

I think Syma is wonderful and I am so grateful to be connected with her! I have manifested the job I wanted successfully!

Aditi D., California, U.S.A.

I have been working with Syma for a few months now, and each session leaves me feeling enlightened, supported and appreciative. Syma radiates positivity, health, and beauty. She is incredibly warm, and wise. Recently, I gathered 8 friends to learn about meditation from Syma. She spent a great deal of time with us teaching us about how to meditate and then supporting each individual within the group so that each could be successful. To her credit, my boyfriend was inspired to meditate, which says a lot! :) Meditating as a group was really special and we now hold one another accountable to practise. We had a great time and learned a lot!

Kim Idiens, Toronto, Canada

Dear Syma, My sessions with you have been so inspirational and grounding. Being able to present my case to you while speaking my truth, without feeling judged, has been an experience all on it’s own. You teach me every time that everyone is human and it is very important to find out who you are. You help me recognize my higher power, how to keep it consistent in my daily life and it’s never about the “IF’s” but the “WHEN’s”. Thank you for teaching me how to satisfy my soul, live and love my choices but most importantly to try and trust my life. xoxo

Mindy C., Toronto, Canada

Syma is a gifted Spritual Healer who is wise beyond her years! Her kind spirit, her compassion and her wisdom helps me to feel grounded, balanced and well prepared for life's meandering paths.

As a Personal Coach, and Teacher of Spirituality, Meditation and Yoga she pushes me (gently) to search within for the answers that I seek, and to uncover my strengths (both emotional and physical). She inspired me to be my "best self" and she exceeds my expectations everytime!

Her Yoga Classes were the best that I have experienced; the music for her classes are carefully selected, the meditation journey is a quietly-beautiful experience, the yoga classes are a renewal of body and soul! Wait......there are luxurious gifts towards the end of each class and they are well worth waiting for.....beautiful Chakra Crystals, Sticks of Incense, Reiki Treatments, Angel Card Readings, and Rose Petals!!! Each of her "students" has left her Yoga Class feeling blessed for having spent time with her. Truly a celebration!

I love working with Syma and I enjoy her exuberance and her passion! She exudes love for all, she is generous, caring, compassionate, kind and thoughtful! A Beautiful Angel really!!!"

Fawz Drakes, Toronto, Canada

I first met Syma when I was looking for a Reiki practitioner to help me overcome some obstacles in my life. I left my first visit with a feeling of clarity, purpose and support. Within three or four visits I felt like a different person because I had very quickly learned to let go of what was no longer serving me and I was already cultivating a more mindful and positive approach to life.

Since meeting Syma over 18 months ago I have learned how to meditate and practice Reiki, I have coping strategies for difficult times and I know how to ground myself. I’ve also inadvertently moved toward an organic, plant-based diet and made yoga a regular part of my life.

Syma has many gifts; she is a powerful healer, a motivator and a source of tremendous support. Most importantly, she is a catalyst.Syma will help you discover your most true aspirations and empower you to achieve them!

Julia Baker, Toronto, Canada

I had the most profound, soulful and uplifting experience during my Goddess Session with Syma. The resulting lightness, so tangible and freeing, makes room for all the joy and inspiration that’s usually obstructed by the debris of every day life. I felt so renewed and compelled to share with all those who are looking to reset not just their minds, but their sousl. Working with Syma is the gift I wish everyone could experience!

Syma, you truly are the embodiment of a goddess. I hope you can see and own your magic and your power… can definitely see it in the difference it makes for those blessed with the gifts you share. I am immensely grateful to be one of them! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With love and gratitude, and a much lighter, joyful, happy heart.

Marinela G., Mississauga, Canada

"Hi Syma, I had a session with you a few months ago, and I've been meaning to contact you. The block that I had (which was basically fear) in my love and work life is gone. Since I spoke to you my mindset has shifted in such a positive way. Work is amazing, I have made so much progress and I know there are so many more great things to come in that realm.

Ever since we spoke I feel like I've gotten so much help and guidance from people and I've been able to capitalize on it and move forward. I'm probably at the best point in my life right now, just because I'm so open to positive things. I'd love to have another session with you!”

Alesa Esmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

What I remember very vividly and what is still very much present in my heart, is the reading you gave me shortly before I had to make a major transition in my life.

During the reading I was just stunned at what you saw in my cards, because it reflected in great detail what was going on in my life, it addressed my strengths and weaknesses, and - above all - it reassured me to continue my path no matter how rough it may be at times. I took notes of the key points you talked about, and I keep them close to me, even though I rarely have to look at them, because it seems like they are imprinted into my heart. They are a powerful reminder (or mantra) to trust my inner wisdom, to allow myself to retreat and take care of myself, and to not forget to invite abundance into my life in order to continuously grow and be of service to others.

I appreciate your deep, innate wisdom & your celebrations of life, the feminine and spirituality. Clients will find all this combined in a fun, radiant modern woman - the perfect mix of pure vibrance and endless healing energy. Thank you so much!

Sabine, Germany

Syma's yoga classes and live oracle card readings taught me how to develop a more loving internal dialogue and relationship with myself, helping me to create a greater sense of positivity and a belief that I deserved amazing things to happen to me.

Her meditations helped me to further embed these thoughts and beliefs which in turn helped me to become more in tune with my intuition and gut instincts. Her oracle card readings and Youtube videos gave me the insight and support that was necessary to take the risks to pursue my dreams - living abroad with my husband and doing a job that I love and which gives me a much healthier work/life balance.

Going with your heart and soul will always lead you to what's right - Syma will help you to trust your heart and soul more that you did before.

Anna R, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Syma, your beautiful energy is such an inspiration!
This has been a year of inspiration to me...working with you, plus your Manifest Soulmate Love book and all your fabulous videos have been a source of spiritual guidance, always helping me to become centered.

I have learned that self love is the essence, and this brings me deep harmony and balance. I have learned to go through every day with complete awareness of the beauty of life. Your support and tools, along with Dr. Wayne Dyer's, have showed me that to live in the present and let life flow on this perfect plan that's already chosen for us is the best gift we can give to ourselves: when we find our spiritual path all we see is light.

I am so grateful to have found such spiritual support that makes my life and the ones of those around me richer every day. Namaste!

Sonia M, Florida, U.S.A.

The moment I entered Syma’s Reiki practice I was embraced by a warm, healing, spiritual feeling. In the session that followed, I was absolutely blown away by her gift. Syma is warm, caring, and a natural healer. She loves what she does, and she invests all her energy into helping you heal. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Go see her!

Paulina P., Toronto, Canada

I began my Reiki treatment with Syma when I was experiencing a significant amount of turmoil in my personal life. Almost immediately after the first session, I experienced a wonderful shift in how I felt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Suddenly, the emotional heaviness and pain that I had previously felt disappeared and was replaced with a sense of inner peace. I am currently scheduled to receive more treatments in the coming months and am very excited to continue to reap the benefits of my Reiki sessions with Syma. Syma’s beautiful, light, and peaceful energy will put you at ease right away and her remarkable healing abilities will help to attune you to the Healing Light that is within us all.

Sarah Sultan, Mississauga, Canada

Hi Syma, I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you again for my wonderful Goddess Reiki session! I have been thinking about all the things we talked about non-stop and I am hopeful that by working on my own wellbeing, things around me will become more positive, too. This was also the encouragement I needed to move forward on my dream of a meditation space where I can begin to practice and learn. I will be back to see you soon! Thank you.

Julia Lipman, Toronto, Canada

Syma, thank you for an incredibly awakening and relaxing meditation instruction session! I have begun my meditation practice with an aim to do it daily!

K.E., Waterloo, Canada

Dearest Syma, thank you for guiding us through an incredible yoga series and inner journey. You are truly a born healer, and I'm grateful to have met you!

Collette C., Toronto, Canada

Hi Syma! I want to thank you again for the Goddess Reiki session last week. It was wonderful and clearly the release I had was necessary! I felt much lighter afterwards. There is no stopping me now from channeling my inner Goddess!!! And I have you to thank for that.

Sue O., Toronto, Canada

Hello beautiful Syma, Thanks again for the meditation session. It was wonderful. I have used the techniques you showed us every day in one way or another including several actual meditation sessions and at the very least using savasana at the beginning and end of my yoga practice to meditate. Looking forward to incorporating it more and more and working up to 20 mins a day, which I’d love to make part of my daily life. I feel really good!

Suzannah K., Toronto, Canada

Syma, I want to tell you how wonderful your Goddess Workshop was, and what good things it seems to have brought into my life. In our workshop, I remember we were sharing our feelings and fears about abundance, and I said I was worried that the global economy and shifts in funding priorities meant that there would be no more consultancies for HIV work, and that that might mean I would have fewer chances to do what I love best. This was sad for me.

The very next day, in my email, out of the blue, was an offer of work from an organization I respect deeply, helping people I care about in HIV prevention! A great job, in my field, and right here, in my region. I couldn't have come up with a better assignment in my dreams!

This response from the universe was so fast and so perfect that I have been smiling ever since, and I want to share the good news with you and your friends.

I credit your workshop and the magic we worked together! Thank you dear Syma! I h ope you give many more such Goddess workshops and that lots and lots of women will come to them!

Barbara F., California, U.S.A.

The session with you was a really powerful one. Thank you so much for introducing me to the concept of higher beings, I actually feel like I have support all around me now. I've found Michael and Sekhmet crossing my mind a lot. Thank you for such a beautiful, accessible and healing time. It was a pleasure.

Noor Sheik, Karachi, Pakistan

Kind words from the Tribe

Hi Syma, I wanted to tell you that I have met my soulmate! Thank you for all your wonderful meditations on youtube, and energy work!

Karen Sparkes, Alberta, Canada

I regularly meditated using all your meditations on YouTube, I participated in all of the live distant healing events and read many of your articles and implemented your advice!

All the self-love meditations and distant healing events I did throughout spring and summer last year healed my relationship with finally being able to actually start loving myself and all the advice on Syma's articles I put into practice and started feeling more and more of a Goddess. Then in Autumn I met my soulmate who positively adores me - this is only as a reflection of the love I'd been able to start experiencing for myself through these meditations and inner work :D

Syma is a TRUE Goddess Guide and healer! Soak up everything she offers - it's all super juicy and will rock your world!!

Danielle Chivers, U.K.

I have followed many life couches and teachers in the past, but I have never felt such a loving, healing energy flowing from someone even so far far away. Watching your videos and reading your book, I no longer feel alone on my healing journey and it feels easier to have faith that everything I want is possible for me.

I feel like things you talk about correspond so well with my inner energy and methods that you teach have helped me the most. I really believe the tools you teach (including bringing your feminine power back, yoga, meditation, being true to yourself, healing yourself etc.) have so much power.

The work may not be the easiest, but it can really heal you for life and help you get anything you really want. Thank you and I am sending lot's of love!

Donata V, Lithuania

Syma's meditations have helped me let go of so much hostility and resentment and past “demons.” I am now getting much better sleep and I am doing regular meditation, to relieve my stress and anxiety, which works absolute wonders!

Kathryn Cottam, NSW, Australia

Syma helped me come to the realization that I must let go of other peoples opinions and the need for approval. As a rapper and musician, this is something I have had difficultly finding balance in. Syma helped me realize that when we follow our heart fully and trust the universe, we are rewarded more than we could even imagine.

Syma genuinely has one of the purest energies that I have seen. At a time when I was so out of balance and unsure of so much in life, I had no doubt in trusting her guidance and advice. I have simply gone from strength to strength since. This woman is truly an inspiration who carries out her duties to this world out of love and purity. I believe she has something beneficial to offer for everyone.

Meraki, Kent, U.K.

The love of my life left me and I was dealing with the crushing emotional weight of losing the most important woman in my life. Suicidal thoughts and loss of self worth.

Through Syma'a meditations, I was able to clear away my negative thoughts and cleanse my mind and heart thanks to the good energy she put into them. Moments of relief and peace were gained thanks to her compassion and work.

If you are hurting, unsure of yourself, thinking you don't have any other option, take a minute to allow Syma's energy to help you remember the peace you have within yourself. Love and hugs!

Evan J, Georgia, U.S.A.

Syma, you are an inspirational person. I love how you greet in your messages as "Beloved". It creates this close bond of love and friendship and even though I have never spoken to you, when I read your book or watch your videos, I feel that you are directing your words to me. That personal interaction is wonderful and I feel like a person who is very close to me, is offering me sincere advice from a place of love and truth. Your advice about self-love, self-pampering and self respect has given me a new perspective to not be so hard on myself and to trust in the divine power and embrace and love the present.

You have a passion for your work. Your support comes from a place of love and truth.

Kathy J, South Africa

You gave me new strength and hope, bless you!

When I found Syma's guided meditation for "manifest love" I was completely heartbroken. I had lost the will to live and I felt as if I embodied an abyss of pain and darkness. Syma's gentle and loving meditation led me back towards the light. I did the aham prema mantra for forty days, which enabled me to remember that the love I thought was forever lost in my life was the very essence of my soul. Syma helped me open a door to eternal love, that all living beings are embodying. Throughout this dark period of my life, Syma felt to me as a friend, holding my hand and leading me forward. Therefore I will always be grateful for the love and support that Syma shares to us all

Alexandra F., Sweden

I always feel more calm and peaceful after listening to your Distant Healing Events and Meditations. Even when watching your Youtube videos, there's something Divinely in your eyes and voice that makes me feel so loved and gives me that hope even when "Days are dark and friends are few.." (I believe that's the saying :) ) I've also downloaded your book that you had on for free on Valentine's weekend and I'm reading in it as we speak (or rather as I'm typing here) because I'm willing to try whatever it takes.

I feel that if someone feels lonely or lost and without love and hope, that they can turn to the Flourishing Goddess for advice, guidance, support and love. Thank you so much for all your shares of meditations, healings, book and most importantly Thank you for being you. You truly make a difference for the better to the world, like a comic book heroine. Well, for this instance, a Goddess. Namaste from South Africa.

Roean, South Africa

When I came upon your videos, I needed help to find peace in my life to love myself. I was having job problems and relationship problems. I was having a meltdown. I've never had an anxiety attack and I had two at the same time. I did not want to take medication. I knew I was strong enough I just needed guidance, HOPE.

That's when I came across one of your videos where you express a similar experience. I did the meditation Aham Prema "I am divine love" for 41 days per your instructions, and the first week I started feeling GOOD! At the end of the 41 days, it was like a switch turned on, peace within myself was born.

I started meditating 2 years ago so I consider myself a beginner. I was asking the universe for all the wrong things and not focusing on me. Through your guidance, I have become stronger. I still have my little problems here and there but I can handle them with a smile, because I have found inner peace.

Many of my close friends have noticed my transformation, I shared with them my experience and how one person that I have never met made a difference in my life. I thank you for sharing your videos and your knowledge, which are very nourishing and positive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Olvia A, California, U.S.A.

I was struggling with forgiving the past and letting go, I was struggling to find my soulmate due to not healthy relationships in the past. Low self-esteem.

I found Syma on January 2015 in YouTube and I did the Self love Meditation. It was my first time meditating. I remember how I felt after doing it and I knew I had to keep on doing the rest of the meditations. It helped me to reduce a lot of stress, to feel comfortable in my own skin - I started to feel happy with myself. Something changed, and it was good.

I read some of her articles and I learn about the I am divine love mantra "aham prema" so I started repeating it every day on the way back home from work, during traffic jam, while cooking or doing other any activity and then something changed again: I was starting to heal, I wasn't angry anymore, people stopped hurting me with their comments, the past stopped chasing me, it was so good!

Then I read Syma's book. If you have read it you know there are 8 steps to find your soul mate and I was on step 2 when I met an amazing guy on a dating website that I didn't even remembered I was subscribed!!

He came to my country Honduras to meet me, that happened on October and since we met we fall in love, we both love each other very much and I know he is the one.

We both know we are meant to be together, he is my soulmate, in order to find him I had to let go, heal and love myself first, to be ready to find him, my compliment, my best friend.

If you want to be happy with yourself, enjoy life without any kind of guilt, be free, let go what no longer serves you, the you should definitely come to Syma. For me, she is my mentor, my guide and I love her forever and I'm going to be thankful for her help.

Amy Mayorga, Honduras

I was struggling to reconnect with my inner child, I was a numb hearted person who was just existing. I needed guidance and tools to work in myself, which i finally got from Syma's online gifts and love offerings. So now whenever I feel shaken up emotionally or on my energy levels I do Syma' Chakra Balancing and cleansing meditation. Whenever I come across a problem which is difficult for me at that moment I do surrender meditation. I have also used her Empowering, Gratitude, and Past Life regression meditations to work on myself.

I always get clarity in my thoughts after doing the Meditations and have also learned to keep my heart open to send and receive love.

Anand Patwardhan, Mumbai, India

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