Embracing Your Shadow Self

Picture by Rita Loyd
Artwork by Rita Loyd, www.NurturingArt.com

In the wave of conscious living and co-creating, we often fight against the current of ego, the shadow self. But this is still a part of us, and it actually needs more love and compassion from us than the parts we more easily embrace.

You wouldn’t expect to grow a healthy, flourishing garden by ignoring all the weeds. In the same way, all the affirmations and visualizations and other tools we use can be undermined by the weeds we may be ignoring within. Instead, let’s be very present with those shadow thoughts or feelings that lurk beneath the surface of our conscious intentions.

Next time you feel any form of negativity, instead of letting it take you down a draining spiral, or replacing it with positive thoughts right away, talk to it. Give it form, like a shadow, and ask, “What do you want me to know?” Then, let it vent and share with you all its self-doubt, worry, fear, anger – whatever comes up. Listen with love. Keep asking, “What else?”

When you finally feel it’s shared everything it wants to, respond with unconditional compassion. You may say, “Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I honour and love you.” This is an extremely powerful step in allowing all that unconscious energy to come to the surface for healing.

And to demonstrate your love, place your hands on your heart, imagine you were hugging your shadow, and give it total support, reassurance and love, until it feels completely safe, accepted, and at peace. By loving, approving and embracing every part of your self, you bring light to the darkness and open to miraculous healing and transformation, inside and out.

All my love, to every part of you!

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