Goddess Ixchel Womb Clearing Ritual

womb clearing ritual

Womb Clearing Ritual with Goddess Ixchel

I recently returned from a most magical trip to the Mayan Riviera in beautiful Mexico where I worked with the healing energies of Goddess Ixchel.

After ending 2019 by surrendering our third angel baby to heaven and starting 2020 by birthing my second Egypt Goddess Retreat, my body, heart, mind, and spirit deeply needed a period of restoration and replenishment.

And I was blessed with all that and so much more. I invited beautiful Ixchel, Mayan Goddess of health, healing, medicine, fertility, and transformation to fill me with her divine gifts, and as benevolent Mother, she gave them to me in overflow.

I felt renewed in every way, and radiant through and through.

I would love to share a ritual inspired by a teaching I was blessed to learn from a local Mayan Shaman, in hopes that it will clear your womb of whatever you need to release.

This ritual is best done with an obsidian crystal, which is sacred to Mayan medicine and healing. If you don’t have obsidian, ideally use a black crystal as they help with clearing and protection. Or, use any other smooth crystal you have and set the intention for it to clear you.

Ritual Steps:

  1. State your intention for your womb clearing ritual with Goddess Ixchel and invite her to bless the ritual.
  2. Cleanse the crystal by smudging it or running it under water, intending that it be cleared.
  3. Hold it in your left hand, and with your right hand over it, affirm your intention for whatever you wish to clear in your womb…stagnation, blocks, infertility, grief, trauma, past lovers–any energy getting in the way of your womb’s total flourishing.
  4. Now, place the crystal flat on the left side of your womb/left ovary, trace/rub it along to the right side of your womb/right ovary, then glide it down to your pubic bone, and finally sweep back up to your left ovary. Imagine Goddes Ixchel is holding your hands, guiding them as she sends her own healing magic through the crystal and your womb.
  5. Make this reverse triangle motion with the crystal 9 or 13 times, each time affirming out loud what you are releasing to the Divine.
  6. When complete, place the crystal in the center of your womb and feel it clear any remaining energy from its depths.
  7. Bless and release the ritual by affirming that “With my divine intent and Goddess Ixchel’s blessing, my womb is now clear and free to flourish in every way!” (Or any other prayer you wish to say).
  8. Thank Goddess Ixchel, the crystal, the Divine, and bless and release your ritual. Be sure to cleanse your crystal with smudging or water after too!
  9. I hope this ritual serves you, and if you wish to go deeper with healing your mind, body, heart and soul, join our upcoming new moon online circle, “Goddess Ixchel: Embrace Radiant Health and Feminine Vitality!” on February 24, 2020, 12 pm EST or via Replay.

    She has blessed me with such overflow of her healing energy and divine shakti that I am blessed to channel a direct transmission from Goddess Ixchel to and through you through her sacred teachings and a channeled initiation meditation among other magical rituals.

    Where you are tired, she will restore you.
    Where you are depleted, she will fill you.
    Where you are imbalanced, she will harmonize you.
    Where you are blocked, she will clear you.

    No matter what stage of your wombynhood you are in, Ixchel will help you activate the fullest gifts of your body’s wisdom and feminine radiance. I hope you’ll join us!

    Goddess Ixchel Circle: Embrace Radiant Health and Feminine Vitality!

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