Goddess Pachamama Manifesting Ritual

Pachamama ritual

As I’m preparing for our mystical Peru Goddess Retreat (which has 1 only spot left!), I find myself in the flow of sacred visions revealing the magic that will unfold during this once-in-a-lifetime Machu Picchu Priestess Pilgrimage.

One of these blessed visions is how practicing Goddess rituals in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Inca during the full moon portal in the temple space of sacred sisterhood is going to open each one of us to profound healing, miracles and manifestations.

And whether or not we embark on this journey together, beloved, I wanted to share a Goddess Pachamama ritual that you can practice on your own to manifest your desires, especially as we approach the full moon.

As the Andean Mother Earth Goddess, the most powerful way to invoke Pachamama’s blessing is through her four sacred elements which are lovingly incorporated in the ritual I was guided to create for you.

Pachamama Manifesting Ritual:

Gather these offerings in advance to place on your altar and harness the gifts of each sacred element:

Fire: Ideally Palo Santo, or sage or incense to transmute negative energy and unleash your divine light and power.
Air: A feather to bring mental peace and clarity and bestow divine inspiration and guidance.
Earth: Flowers, herbs, grains, beans, or fruits to represent the abundance of Pachamama and manifest material blessings and success in your life.
Water: A chalice or bowl of rain or spring water to bring in the flow of joyful emotions and increased intuition.

Rituals Steps:

1. Sit in the center of your altar and place the offerings around you.

2. Burn the palo santo/sage/incense, safely wafting around it your body and aura, and affirm “I now invite the holy element of fire to bless and support me. As this sacred smoke burns, so too do all my fears and blocks connected to my dreams. I surrender all that I need to release for my greatest good to the sacred element of fire and to the light of the Divine for healing, purification and transmutation. So be it. So it is.” Safely put the palo santo out and place back on your altar.

3. As the air around you is now clear, hold your feather and raise your hands in prayer pose above your third eye or crown chakras. Offer your prayer up to heaven as you affirm, “I now invite the holy element of air to bless me and support me. Thank you God-Goddess for making my mind one with your mind, and helping me to see through your sight. I now align my heart’s deepest desires with my soul’s highest vision and Your most loving will for my life. So be it. So it is.” Gently place the feather back on your altar.

4. Place your hands in the altar water, and sprinkle it all over your body. Wet your hands and gently rub your chest/breasts and affirm, “I now invoke the holy element of water to bless and support me. I welcome it to unleash the flow of joy, appreciation, celebration, love, security, fulfillment, and all the exalted emotions connected to my dreams being realized now. So be it. So it is.” Feel the feelings of your desires fulfilled right now, feel this deep in your heart and womb.

5. Hold the earth offerings in your hands in front of your heart and affirm, “I now invoke the holy element of earth to bless and support me. May it bring my heart’s deepest desires into fruition as naturally, gracefully and beautifully as Pachamama births her flowers/plants/grains/fruits at summer’s prime. So be it. So it is.” Place the offerings back on the altar.

6. Close your ritual with a prayer, “I offer my thanks to the holy elements and surrender this sacred ritual to Pachamama, God-Goddess and my Higher Self for bringing me the most blissful and beautiful manifestation of my dreams, in perfect, divine timing, for my greatest good and happiness, with infinite blessings for me and all. So be it. So it is.”

7. Rise from your altar, and gift your offerings to Pachamama by leaving them in a wild place in nature (ensure the palo santo/sage/incense is burnt out by placing in the water bowl first). Ground yourself by walking barefoot on the grass for a few minutes after closing your magical ritual, and open to miracles!

This is a simple ritual that I hope supports you in manifesting your heart’s desires in oneness with Mother Earth and heaven.


I am so excited that during our Peru Goddess Retreat, I will get to teach and lead many more live ceremonies for Goddess initiations, chakra activations, karmic clearing, transforming inner blocks, Divine Feminine-Masculine union, manifesting miracles!

Protected by the sacred Andes mountains, with heaven shining above and Pachamama supporting us below, we will immerse ourselves in luscious, replenishing and magical Goddess rituals every day, and even some evenings with bonfire ceremonies and full moon rituals.

We will receive initiations at the sacred sites of the Inca, culminating at the majestic Machu Picchu where we will experience the bliss of oneness with heaven and earth.

If you feel called to receive the Goddess initiations and spiritual transformations that await in this once-in-a-lifetime Peru Priestess Pilgrimage, we have only one spot left in our sister group.

Since we booked our retreat so quickly, I am most happy to offer the Early Bird pricing for our last retreat sister.

If you feel it’s you, I welcome you to apply for our last sister spot here, and hope to welcome you to this journey of a lifetime, beloved sister.

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