Goddess Rituals and Prayers to Celebrate Beltane

Beltane Goddess Rituals and Prayer

Beltane is a Celtic festival of fertility, fire and flowers. Taking place on May 1st, this is a day of celebrating the sacred union of God and Goddess, which creates new life from the death of winter.

As the flowers begin to bloom and the birds begin to sing their sweet mating calls, this is a sacred time of manifesting new beginnings, especially related to love, marriage, children and abundance.

Naturally, there are many beautiful goddesses associated with this sacred day. Just a few include: Wild huntress Artemis, mother, queen and magician Isis, sensual Aphrodite, magical Rhiannon, primal creatress Shakti, patron goddess of marriage Hera, flower queen Flora, lover and warrior Freya, and Mayan fertility goddess Xochiquetzal.

For us women, this is a time of honoring and celebrating our beauty, fertility (at any age), sexuality, sensuality, connection to nature and ability to be a sacred vessel for the divine. This is a time of healing and releasing any shame and guilt around our bodies and sexuality, and revering ourselves and all of life’s natural pleasures.

It’s a time to reclaim and rejoice in being sensual, being women, being alive.

Here are two Goddess rituals and a special prayer to embrace all the gifts of this day, beloved:

Immerse Yourself In Flowers:

Buy fresh cut flowers, plant seeds for new ones in pots or your garden, drink a flower petal tea, take a flower petal bath, place flower petals all over your home, make a garland, wear a floral perfume or oil blend. In any way you wish and can, let flowers fill your day.

Burn Your Old Story:

Write a letter of all the negative, old struggles you are ready to release. Reflect on any patterns, habits or challenges that came up during the winter months. At the end of your letter, write a releasing intention like this one:

Dear God-Goddess and my Higher Self, I now release all these patterns to you for healing, purification and transmutation. I am free. I am blessed. So it is.”

Safely burn the letter in a pot and surrender its ashes to the earth or a water body if you’re near one.

Invoke the Goddesses:

This is a beautiful time to honor the Goddesses within and around you. Start by creating a Goddess alter. Place an offering of flowers, fruits, and anything that represents fertility, sexuality and the Goddess to you on this alter.

Then, say this or any other prayer that comes from your heart to honor the sacred feminine gifts of Beltane:

Dear Artemis, make my aim clear and true, let me run free and wild like you.

Dear Isis, help me heal my deepest wounds and create my life anew.

Dear Aphrodite, let me embrace my body as my temple, and enjoy life’s sweetest pleasures.

Dear Rhiannon, let me awaken my magic and wisdom, that I may be the queen of my kingdom.

Dear Shakti, awaken your primal power within me, and rise in bliss within and through me.

Dear Hera, bless me in sacred union with my beloved, on earth as we dwell already in heaven.

Dear Flora, crown me with a garland of flowers, and bless me with beauty in all hours.

Dear Freya, help me know that it is safe and right for me to be lavished and ravished.

Dear Xochiquetzal, help me conceive, nurture and birth every dream within my heart.

Enjoy the rest of your day with time in nature, dancing with friends, eating delicious fresh food and giving thanks for all the blessings you have, and all those to come.

Give thanks for being a woman, and a living goddess.

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