We Grieve. We Gather. We Rise.

goddess rising

Sisters, I am grieving with you. My heart breaks with yours. My womb aches with yours. Not only because a woman wasn’t chosen to be the leader she worked so tirelessly to become, but because the man that was is one who so callously claims his right to assault us. To grab us by our pussies: our most sacred, tender and powerful parts.

This is not about their politics. This is about our collective heartbreak as women and all that has been triggered for us. Our pain. Our rage. Our frustration. Centuries old and seeped into the deepest recesses of our being—our cellular memories—now fully awakened. Raw. Bleeding. Burning.

Sisters, I feel it with you and we feel it together. Let us turn to each other and come together to share our pain and shed our tears.

And once we do, let us rise. We are women. We are Goddesses. And like the Goddesses, we will rise.

Like Isis, we will let the flood of our tears fertilize the seeds of revolution.

Like Hera, we will return home to our whole, sacred selves and reclaim our thrones and our rightful place as Queens.

Like Pele, we will let the fires of our wrath burn the shackles and ascend free, like the Phoenix from its own ashes.

Like Kuan Yin, we will let the light of our grace and compassion transcend the darkness.

Like Magdalene, we will hold our mysteries sacred and dear, and initiate those who are ready.

Like Kali, we will take up our arms and let our screams turn into our battle cry. Because we will “never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it. It is, it is worth it.”

Let them hear us roar. Let them watch us soar.

We are women.

We are Goddess.

Our time has come.

Our time is now.

~ Syma

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