Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is an astrological event when it appears from the earth that mercury is moving backwards in the sky. All planets retrograde, but the effects of mercury seem to be the most intense, uncomfortable and undeniable.

How long does mercury retrograde last?

Mercury retrogrades three times every year for three weeks each time, though with its pre-and post shadow phases its effects can be felts for up to eight weeks altogether.

What are the mercury retrograde shadow periods?

Before and after the actual three-week retrograde period, there are pre and post shadow phases that set off and transition out of the retrograde. The pre-shadow phase starts about two weeks before the retrograde and initiates the issues that will be intensified during the retrograde; issues that you will be called to face, heal and transform.

The post-shadow phase lasts about two and a half weeks after the retrograde and supports (or pushes!) to apply the lessons we hopefully learned during the retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Challenges Can Arise With:

  • Travel
  • Clear thinking, judgement and discernment
  • Communication (electronic, mail, interpersonal), especially for people in communication professions
  • Electronics
  • Contracts
  • Major purchases
  • People’s truthfulness (or the lack of it)
  • Old wounds being triggered
  • Old patterns resurfacing


Gifts Of Mercury Retrograde:

  • More Creative, intuitive and right brain thinking
  • Revisit old projects and unfinished business and tie up loose ends
  • Time to “unplug” and connect ourselves
  • Wonderful time to do inner work, healing and introspection
  • Heightened spirituality
  • Sentimental time; great for reunions (but not getting back together with an ex!)
  • An ideal time for all the “Re” actions: review, research, reflect, re-evaluate, retreat, reconnect, reminisce, release, rework, re-fine, redo, reset, rest, replenish and renew.


Tips for a Smooth Mercury Retrograde:

  • Don’t speculate or take things personally
  • Think before you speak – take three deep breaths so you respond consciously rather than react unconsciously
  • Take excellent care of yourself, spend time alone in nature, meditate
  • Detoxify your body and mind with a cleanse, yoga, sea salt baths
  • Journal to process your feelings
  • Triple check all details for travel, any emails, contracts etc.
  • Leave extra time for travel and appointments, make extra copies and back things up
  • Try not to make big purchases, but if you must get a warranty
  • See and catch up with old friends
  • Do or get Tarot/oracle card readings to get messages from spirit
  • It’s an excellent time for deep inner work like inner child, past life, forgiveness or energetic chord cutting work
  • Clear your energy and space with sage smudging
  • Clutter clear and donate
  • Research, review, refine and redo old projects instead of starting new ones
  • Get clear on what you want, what’s not serving you, what you are ready to release, what your new standards are, create new beliefs that support positive expectations and outcomes
  • Connect with your spirit, pray, ground, get and stay as centered as possible


Mercury Retrograde Affirmations:

I am safe, secure and supported.

I have infinite patience.

I am watched over and protected in all ways.

My intuition guides me to make the best decisions for my highest good.

I mindful and vigilant with all details.

I stay centered and calm amidst chaos.

I speak my truth with love and grace, honoring myself and everyone else.

It is safe and right for me to take time to rest and replenish.

I practice compassion and loving assertiveness with perfect balance.

All my affairs are in divine order and care.

I am willing to release all that no longer serves me.

I am ready to heal old wounds, triggers and patterns and move forward freely.

I am ready to bless, forgive and release.

I am willing to learn lessons with wisdom and joy.

I welcome opportunities to heal and grow.

I appreciate this time of review and enjoy slowing down and reflecting.

I feel more creative, connected and intuitive.

I love reconnecting with old friends and reminiscing on great times.

I rest in my truth and know I am safe and all is well.

Mercury Retrograde Prayer:

Dear Divine Creator/Father Mother God,

Thank you for completely protecting me and my loved ones in all ways. I give to you all my affairs and arrangements that you may ensure my highest good and complete safety in all matters.

I ask that angels (Archangel Michael for protection and Gabriel for clear communication) be with me at all times. I ask that my home, place of work, car/way of commuting, electronics and gadgets, banking, purchases, contracts and all travel arrangements be in your perfect care, and I ask for patience and flexibility should any challenges arise. Please guide me only to people of high integrity and truth, and guard me against those with any lower intentions.

Help me keep a sense of humour and lightheartedness, and calm and console me when I feel frustrated or upset. Help me listen from my heart, discern with wisdom and respond with love and grace in all my communications. I am willing to review, release, heal and transform any painful patterns that may show up for me, and I ask that the process of healing and learning be gentle, harmonious, swift and peaceful.

I surrender to you everything in all ways, trusting in your love, support and total protection. Thank you for watching over me and us all. May this be a beautiful time of rest, quiet reflection, powerful releases, gentle transformation and peaceful blessings for us all. So be it.

I hope this guide helps you in having a peaceful and gentle mercury retrograde, and if you need more support in reviewing, releasing, healing and transforming any patterns that are showing up for you, contact me at to set up a spiritual coaching or healing session. I would be honoured to be of service during this intense but blessed time.

Loving blessings,


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