New Moon Rituals for Goddesses

new moon rituals

As women, we are blessed to have a deeply intimate and mystical connection with Mother Moon. Like us, she is cyclical in nature, and offers us gifts with each swirl of her divine dance.

When she arises as the new moon, she shines the first sliver of her light as the Maiden Goddess. She has ascended from the dark underworld of the waning moon and emerged ready for fresh, potent new beginnings.

Goddesses connected to the magic of the new and waxing moon include Artemis (Greek), Diana (Roman), Hina (Hawaiian), Luna (Roman), Ishtar (Babylonian), Juno (Roman), Sadarnuna (Sumerian), and Yemanya (African).

These moon Goddesses become activated in us during the new moon, and harnessing their gifts can help us get crystal clear on our intentions and focused on our goals. Cultivating these Goddess energies also supports us in co-creating our dreams into being with confidence, purpose, patience, intuition and joy. We begin to better trust our instincts and have patience in perfect, divine timing in all we are birthing forth.

If you feel called to awaken the full magic of the new moon Goddesses, below are 5 powerful practices you may explore, Beloved. Before you begin, you may invoke these Goddesses with an opening prayer (an invitation from your heart and soul) if you wish.

5 Magical New Moon Rituals for Goddesses

1. Release the Old

The final waning phase of the moon helps us in releasing and completing. If, by the time of the new moon, you still find yourself holding onto any negative, disempowering or self-sabotaging patterns, release them through a smudging ritual.

Write out what you need to release, and then, very safely, burn the paper (ideally in a pot outdoors). Surrender the ashes to the winds, and let the elements transmute the energy of all you have relinquished.

Next, (safely) clear yourself and your space by wafting the smoke of sage, palo santo, or incense around your body and home.

2. Get Clear and Centered

After the burning and smudging, where you invoked the elements of fire and air, now we will welcome water and earth to further amplify your clearing.

Start by drawing a bath for yourself with two cups sea salt, and if you have or can buy them, add a few drops of essential oils associated with the new moon. These include jasmine, orange, Roman chamomile, myrrh, cypress, cardamom. If you don’t have a tub, make a scrub with the (fine) salt and oils by mixing them with coconut or another diffuser oil. Gently rub it all over your body in circular motions, and then wash off in your shower.

It’s ideal to wear fresh, white clothes after this Goddess bath, but anything white paired with silver jewelry will make you feel extra magical.

This deep cleansing is best followed by grounding. A simple practice to anchor back in is by imagining roots growing from your feet down into the heart of Mother Earth. Take a few deep breaths here, until you feel calm, clear and centered.

3. Set New Intentions

Light a single white candle, play sacred/meditation music, and, if you resonate, call in the Goddesses again here to help you in aligning your intentions with your soul’s unlimited vision for you.

Close your eyes, and focus on the center of your forehead (your third eye), inviting your soul to show you its dreams, intentions and will for your most abundant, expansive and blissful life. Flow with each vision, no matter how out-of-reach it may seem, for your soul knows you are worthy of the infinite good, and it knows how to bring it to you.

On a fresh new sheet of paper, write down your inspired new intentions. Keep these intentions central to your sadhana (daily spiritual practice), and honor them in your actions, which leads us into the next step.

4. Take Inspired Action

Artemis and Dianna take their bows and arrows out into the wild and stay joyfully focused and disciplined as they hunt their targets. While feminine energy is receptive and intuitive, it is also active. The essence of feminine action, however, is that it stems from your heart and soul, rather than being directed solely by your mind.

As you take time to tune into yourself every day, asking the Divine, the Goddesses and your Higher Self for guidance, trust that you will receive signs and synchronicities on each step to take and every move to make.

There will be work, but it won’t feel like work. Even as you give your all, your efforts will fulfill you rather than drain you when rooted in purpose, joy, and inspiration.

5. Let Go and Let Goddess

The huntress and new moon Goddesses also know there is an inherent element of divine timing with the manifestation of each intention.

You released the old. You received your soul’s intentions. You took the inspired action.

Now, live. Be. Trust.

Once you do you part, have full faith that Spirit will do its. Focus on other parts of your life, and be fully immersed in all the blessings you have now. Live in joy and gratitude. Be in nature anytime you feel anxious or attached.

Trust, Beloved, that you are a powerful Creatress, but you do this in consort with forces beyond your control. Lean into them. Let them hold, support, and guide you in each moment.

Like the moon, embrace all the phases of co-creation, and dance with the rhythms of life as the Goddess that you truly are.

May these practices serve you and bring you new moon and forever blessings. And when the full moon approaches, learn 5 Magical Full Moon Rituals here.

Blessed be.

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