Past Life Healing, Present Life Miracles


Have you ever met a stranger and instantly felt a deep connection or intense uneasiness that you couldn’t explain? Have you had vivid dreams or visions of yourself in a different time and place that felt very real? Do you have any fears or phobias that are not connected to any present life experiences? Is there a block or pattern in your health, relationships, finances or career that you keep struggling with no matter what you do? Do you react very strongly to certain issues or events without knowing why? Do you feel a deep affinity or disdain for a certain culture or religion? Such experiences could be signs and glimpses into your past lives, and learning their hidden meaning could create miraculous shifts in your personal and spiritual growth.

The idea of reincarnation just recently started gaining popularity in the West, but it has remained a tenet of many Eastern religions since ancient times. Both Vedic and Buddhist traditions for example discuss the journey of the soul as it resolves its karma (the effects of past choices and actions), learns the lessons it’s meant to for its evolution and eventually, after hundreds, thousands or even millions of lifetimes, returns home – to heaven, to enlightenment, to Spirit.

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While the philosophical intricacies of this topic can be complex, how can we use it to practically and spiritually progress on our paths? For one, it’s important to understand that experiences from other lifetimes that had a high emotional charge (whether painful or joyous) get imprinted in your energy body, the part of you that lives on beyond the death of your physical body. The energetic resonance of negative experiences keeps permeating through lifetimes until it is healed and released, while the energy of positive experiences contributes to your soul’s expression and expansion.

Not only do karmic experiences continue on for you, but since we’re interconnected to others on our paths, the souls involved in your journey could keep reincarnating with you so you can both complete your “soul contracts”; agreements you made before incarnating together about the role you will play in each other’s journeys.

To better understand this process, let’s use an example I see all the time in my healing practice: blocks in attracting a loving romantic relationship. Let’s say you feel you are doing all the right things but keep having painful experiences. While many factors could be at play here, a past life regression with the intention of seeing the root cause of this pattern could reveal some profound insights. Perhaps you’ll learn that you were cheated on by a spouse you adored, and consciously or unconsciously made the conclusion that love isn’t safe and people can’t be trusted. Perhaps you were tragically widowed and the sadness remains embedded in your energy, reinforcing the painful experience of grief and loneliness. Perhaps a past-life partner abused or abandoned you, scarring you with false beliefs that you are unworthy of love, respect and commitment.

Sometimes simply connecting your present life pattern to its past life root is enough to release the karmic energy and bring profound healing. What I prefer to do in my past life regression sessions however is something that I have found paves the way for even greater spiritual triumph: not only seeing what happened, but then rewriting the experience and resulting energy of the past event in a way that honours you and everyone involved. This powerful extra step helps you go beyond identifying the cause and completely transcend it. The effects not only uplift and empower your current life, but ripple through all other lifetimes simultaneously, because from a spiritual perspective, there actually is no concept of linear time.

Continuing with the romantic love example, once you pinpoint the karmic experience that created your block, you can choose to release any false conclusions you made, forgive yourself and others involved and then rewrite the entire experience in a way that affirms your eternal worthiness of unconditional love. Doing so will not only heal related karmic contracts with other souls – be it your parents or partners – but it will align you with the love you deserve both romantically and universally. The same process of identifying, healing and re-scripting past life causes of present life obstacles can be applied in your relationships, health, wealth, career and any other areas you wish to grow and flourish in.

As we delve deeper into the root of our struggles and goals, we can learn to harmonize our karma and live at our spirit’s highest potential. We could start to view life’s ups and downs through our soul’s perspective, seeking the lesson in every challenge, revelling in gratitude for each blessing and experiencing miracles in every way. As we rise above painful patterns by choosing love, truth and wisdom over fear, misinformation and ignorance, we not only transcend our karma, but ascend on our soul’s journey towards ultimate realization, towards bliss.

Article originally posted in the Angel Light June Newsletter here

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