Priestess Power – Tune into Your Inner Sorceress: Read Syma’s Expert Feature in Soul and Spirit Magazine

Soul and Spirit Magazine Syma Kharal

Embrace your inner crone, healer, warrior goddess and wise woman with expert guidance from Syma Kharal and Miranda Gray in UK-based Soul and Spirit Magazine’s feature article, published in its February 2016 print edition.

Soul and Spirit Magazine Syma Kharal 1



Read Part 1, “Tune Into Priestess Power: The Ultimate Guide to Embracing Your Inner Sorceress for a Confident New You”





Soul and Spirit Magazine Syma Kharal


Read Part 2, Three Super Women to Call on Now” where Syma shares three powerful goddesses you can connect with to awaken your priestess power.

Syma’s interview and the article publication took place before the transition of Flourishing Goddess from Flourishing Lotus in March 2016.

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