5 Goddess Rituals for Energy Clearing and Psychic Protection

energy clearing goddess rituals

Learn about 5 powerful Goddesses to support you with energy clearing and psychic protection.

Syma will share Goddesses who bring protection from psychic attack and negative energy and help you with spiritual aura cleansing.

You will learn Divine Feminine rituals and practices to remove all negative energy with these Goddesses of protection:

1. Greek Goddess Hecate to clear psychic attack.
2. African Yoruba Goddess Oya to get rid of spirits and earth entities.
3. Egyptian Warrior Goddess Sekhmet to remove negative energy from your energy body (using sage smudging, palo santo, incense) and sacred feminine practices.
4. Celtic Goddess Morgan le Fay for spiritual protection and energy shielding.
5. Goddess Durga and Kali for protection and awakening your shakti. Bonus tip: Chant or play the Durga mantra for protection which is very powerful against negative forces and the Kali mantra for protection which powerfully removes black magic, evil eye, curses, and spells.

Let me know which Goddess you most need to work with for energy protection, and please share this video with your friends!

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