Awaken Aphrodite: Embrace Your Sensuality and Get More Pleasure

Awaken Aphrodite goddess of sensuality and pleasure

Awaken Aphrodite, goddess of sensuality, pleasure, love and beauty to uplift and enjoy every part of your life. In this video, Syma shares how healing and awakening your sacral chakra, the seat of your pleasure, fertility, creativity and joy helps you connect to your Aphrodite and Venus nature.

Learn how Goddess traditions celebrated sensuality as natural and sacred through festivals like Beltane. Syma also shares tips on how to make the mundane sacred and divine and blissful through women’s spirituality, which celebrates ritual and physical pleasures.

You will also be able to attract your desires and manifest with ease as you life in joy and inspiration. Syma discusses  how you can honor your body as a divine temple, enjoy sacred sexuality, and allow yourself to receive and rejoice in all of life’s pleasures.

Beltane Goddess Oracle Reading Special: 

Beloved, in celebration of Beltane and my birthday, I am offering a limited number of 30-Minute, 5- Card Goddess Oracle readings for one more day, until 11:59 PM EST May 4. Get full details and book here.

To receive Syma’s one-on-one goddess guidance and sacred feminine coaching to awaken Aphrodite blessings in every part of your life, get started with a Goddess Initiation Session with her.

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