Awaken Your Inner Witch Goddess

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Awkaen your inner Witch Goddess, Crone and Wise Woman with Sacred Feminine coaching from Syma in her latest video.

In this video, Syma shares why wise women have been feared and why the once venerated Crone Goddess was relegated to the old hag. She clears up misconceptions about what it means to be a Witch, and invites every women to reclaim her Witch wisdom and feminine magic.

Syma shares how you can connect with your Dark Goddess gifts

  • Hekate, the Greek Triple Goddess of magic, witches and crossroads
  • Baba Yaga, the Eastern European Witch Goddess of women’s mysteries
  • Carridwen, the Welsh Goddess of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration
  • Morgan Le Fay, the Celtic Goddess of sorcery and shape-shifting
  • Goddess Isis as the Goddess of “Word of Power” and magic spells and chants for healing and protection

While there may be a belief that you need to be a Wiccan or Pagan Witch, Syma shares how being a Witch is really about honoring your feminine magic, awakening your intuitive gifts, living in oneness with the elements and Mother Earth, and co-creating your dreams with love.

Let us know how these Goddess teachings support you, and please share this resource with your tribe, beloved!

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If you are ready to heal the “Witch Wound” and reclaim your wise woman gifts, step into your spiritual power, and co-create your dreams with magic and joy, join our online circle, “Goddess Cerridwen: Reclaiming Your Witch Wisdom” live on November 21, 2018 or anytime after via Replay.

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