Goddess Reclaimed: Sacred Feminine Guidance from my New Book!

Goddess Reclaimed

Get Goddess guidance from my #1 bestselling new book, “Goddess Reclaimed: 13 Initiations to Unleash Your Sacred Feminine Power.”

Learn about 13 Goddesses that can help you reclaim your many divine feminine powers:

  • Goddess Sige for meditation and sacred stillness
  • Goddesses Inanna and Ereshkigal to heal your shadow
  • Goddess Pele to unleash your righteous rage for transformation
  • Goddess Kali to awaken your inner Warrior Goddess
  • Goddess Kuan Yin to heal your heart through compassion and forgiveness
  • Goddess Aphrodite to become open to self-love, divine love and soulmate love, and love your body and heal your sexuality
  • Goddess Tara to set new intentions and manifest your desires
  • Goddess Athena to take inspired action as you co-create your dreams
  • Goddess Lilith to set boundaries and be authentic and true to yourself
  • Goddess Yemanya to awaken your Triple Goddess powers, moon Goddess cycles, and womb wisdom
  • Goddess Pachamama to clear blocks to receiving and attracting abundance in all forms
  • Goddess Brigid to reclaim your inner wise woman, witch, healer, priestess, and sorceress
  • Goddess Isis to take your throne and sit in your sovereign power as a Queen

Which Goddesses do you most connect with? Let me know in the comments. Share this video with fellow sisters awakening to their feminine power so we can all support each other in reclaiming the Goddess within!

Online Circle: Lilith: Unleashing Your Inner Wild Woman

lilith goddess course
Are you ready to live in love and lust with your life and unapologetically OWN your personal power? Join Syma and fellow sisters in our online Lilith Goddess Circle to learn how to honor yourself in all ways and be true to yourself always. It’s time to live the life you desire and deserve, without compromise!

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Join our Monthly Goddess Circles for more in-depth support and sacred sisterhood.

To receive my one-on-one sacred feminine and spiritual support, you may book a live Skype Goddess Coaching Session and inquire about my private program, “Heal and Transform Your Greatest Inner Blocks” if you feel called to embrace deep transformation.

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