Heal Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy

Heal Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy

Heal Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy

Heal your feminine and masculine energy to manifest miracles in your life.

This is especially potent if you are a highly sensitive person and empath to reclaim your Priestess power and intuitive gifts and the full range of your Divine Feminine energy and shakti.

Syma shares how the sacred union of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine can help you manifest your desires.

She shares healing the feminine wound including healing the mother wound, healing the masculine wound include healing the father wound, and so much more:

– What feminine energy out of balance looks and feels like for you
– How to know if you are out of balance in your masculine energy
– The origins of our feminine and masculine wounds (this is deep!)
– How to heal your feminine energy, and how to heal and balance your inner feminine and masculine to flourish in every part of your life
– The magic of uniting your Divine Feminine with your Divine Masculine to create miracles
– Manifesting your desires with the Goddess, lovingly supported by God
– How to be magnetic and be more receptive through your Divine Feminine
– Awakening your inner Goddess energy

Watch the video below:

Let me know how this video served you in the comments and please share with your sisters, beloved.


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