Healing Father Wounds – For Women

father healing for women

Learn how painful experiences with our fathers affect girls and women emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually and create unhealthy patterns as adults if left unhealed.

Since our fathers are the first man in our lives, they establish the foundation for how we perceive and relate to other males the rest of our lives.

Our relationship with them also influences how supported, protected, stable, loved, secure, confident, competent and empowered we feel.

As I explain and expand on in the video, the following are some of the effects and imprints left on us from specific father wounds:

  • Absent and Emotionally Unavailable Father Wound: Can make us feel unworthy, unlovable and unwanted. It deeply damages our self esteem, often making us clingy, needy, possessive, insecure and jealous, leading to the very rejection and abandonment we so deeply fear and try to avoid. We may also use our bodies to get the affection and intimacy we crave, or be the “rescuer” and “pleaser” in relationships, doing all the giving to prove our worth and earn the validation we crave.
  • Unreliable/Non-Providing Father Wound: Damages our sense of security, stability and support, so we may grow up to seek older (usually successful and wealthy) men to give us a sense of financial and emotional security. The lack of care, support and protection from our fathers can lead us to desire and attract a father figure to take care of us stems as our inner girls still yearn to feel secure, resourceful, independent and supported.
  • Physically & Emotionally Abusive Father Wound: Childhood abuse from anyone is deeply damaging on every level. Abuse from our fathers specifically deeply damages our psyche, our nervous system and sense of power, confidence and competence. We may feel powerless, afraid, betrayed and victimized. As an unfortunate consequence, me may unconscionably attract authority figures that abuse their power, be it bullying in school, abusive partners or bosses.
  • Sexually Abusive Father Wound: Of all the father wounds, this is the most traumatic and damaging to us on every level, and requires deep, intensive healing to fully recover from. It is the ultimate betrayal and can lead to a core feeling of shame, guilt, self-loathing and a disconnect from our bodies. In many cases we may develop symptoms of or full on Past Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and phobias. We may also develop a complete lack of trust and either a fear of physical and emotional intimacy or promiscuity.

In the video, I share essential steps in healing father wounds so that we may heal, transform and transcend painful patterns and be free to create healthy new ones that honour and empower us in all ways. These simple but powerful steps can help you heal grief, heartache and sadness, awaken self love, manifest soulmate love and live in joy, bliss and miracles – as you deserve. Of course, if you need professional psychological support for more severe healing resulting from abuse, please ensure you seek it.


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