How to Manifest and go on Spiritual Retreats

spiritual retreat

Get tips for taking sacred journeys if you are feeling called to go on a spiritual retreat, Goddess tour, yoga and meditation retreat, sacred site tour, or priestess pilgrimage.

Syma shares insights from her own experiences going on sacred site tours, spiritual journeys and Goddess temples all over the world to help you learn:
– The higher purpose behind your desire to embark on a spiritual journey
– Why there is Divine timing and will behind your desire to visit a sacred site
– How to manifest the money, time and support to take a spiritual trip
– How to ensure you join a spiritual retreat that will best serve you
– Setting your intention for your spiritual journey
– How to prepare physically and spiritually for your spiritual trip
– How to charge a spiritual object (like crystals, malas, sage) in holy places
– How to honor the sacred sites you are visiting
– How to open to spiritual transformation during your retreat
– How to respect your boundaries during your spiritual retreat
– The do’s and don’t of spiritual retreats
– What to do when you return from your spiritual retreat

Watch the end of the video for inspiration on sacred Goddess sites from my spiritual retreats to Mexico, Greece, Thailand, Scotland, England, Avalon, Glastonbury, Egypt, Hawaii, and Peru.

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