Goddess Meditation: Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Power

goddess meditation feminine power

Join me for a Goddess Meditation to awaken your Sacred Feminine Power.

First, we’ll heal and clear your solar plexus chakra to release all the ways you give your power away and reclaim your Warrior Goddess power as we ignite the Divine Feminine shakti powers of Indian Goddess Durga, Buddhist Goddess Tara, Celtic Goddess Brigid, Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, Norse Goddess Freya and Hawaiian Goddess Pele.

Then, you’ll embrace your softer feminine power through your womb and sacral chakra and heart chakra with Goddesses Lakshmi, Sedna, Hathor, Coventina and Aphrodite.

Finally, stand in your Sovereign power as a regal Queen, with the Queen Goddesses Isis and Hera. In then end, you will receive Divine guidance from your higher self and the Goddesses on how to embody and live from your Sacred Feminine power in your life.

Together, we will heal our deepest wounds of oppression in all forms, reclaim our power, and heal the world as we rise into the Goddesses we truly are.


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Download an mp3 of this Goddess Meditation for Feminine Power here.

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