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Open to miracles with Syma’s tips in her second elephant journal article:

“Be realistic: Plan for a miracle.”


When was the last time you experienced a miracle? Maybe we received an unexpected check in the mail or our forecasted rainy vacation turned out clear and sunny. Perhaps we suddenly recovered from a serious illness. Or maybe, just when we had given up all hope, we met our soul-mate.

While we might think of a miracle as an extraordinary event that happens in unexplainable ways, the most life-changing miracles are often the ones that take place within us.

In fact, when we experience profound inner shifts in our perception—such as a shift from fear to faith—we actually create the opening required for outer miracles to manifest. And the good news is, there are things we can do every day as part of our sadhana (spiritual practice) that open us to the constant flow of miracles within and without.

In my life and healing practice, I have found that there are three key steps to living a miraculous life: creating the space, asking, and receiving. Within each step are very specific inner actions that help us transform inside and out. If we’re in need of a miracle right now, here is my three-step process to start inviting the serendipities and synchronicities that are just waiting to find us:

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