Goddess Talks: Divine Feminine Initiation and Womb Wisdom with Shereen Oberg

law of positivism goddess talks

Goddess Talks: Womb wisdom and Feminine Embodiment…

Join Sacred Feminine coach Syma Kharal as she explores all things Goddess with fellow Priestess Sisters in “Goddess Talks,” a virtual red tent of sacred sisterhood devoted to honoring the Divine Feminine.

In this beautiful Goddess interview with Shereen Oberg, certified doula, yoga-meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and founder of Law of Positivism, we’ll explore:

  • Welcoming your first Goddess initiation
  • Why women need Sacred Sisterhood
  • How to live in devotion to yourself and stay true to your own path
  • Our divine feminine gift of Mothering ourselves and the world
  • Womb wisdom: The importance of healing and nurturing our wombs
  • Feminine embodiment practices to awaken your womb shakti

Watch our Goddess Talk interview below:

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Connect with Shereen Oberg at: https://www.lawofpositivism.com/

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