Heart Chakra Goddess Meditation

heart chakra meditation with goddesses

A Heart Chakra Goddess Meditation to open to healing, love, and miracles.

This heart healing meditation with the Goddesses will help you clear past and present pain from grief, resentment, disappointment, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, heartbreak, and loss.

The heart Chakra Goddesses will then fill you with grace, love, gratitude, radiance, joy, receptivity, and blessings during this Divine Feminine meditation.

Here are how the four powerful Heart-Chakra Goddesses will support you:

– Goddess Aphrodite will clear blocks and open you to self-love, and soulmate love.
– Goddess Quan Yin will bring you forgiveness, healing, grace, and wisdom.
– Goddess Oshun will make your heart receptive to sweetness, joy, and life’s pleasures.
– Goddess Isis will fill your heart with courage, strength, magic, and power.

Your heart chakra will expand and become a beacon of love and light, magnetizing miracles to you and bestowing blessings upon all.

Let me know in the comments how this served you, and please share with anyone it may serve!

Download the Meditation

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